The Dolphin Hostel has 4 dorm rooms, we have mixed dorms with various numbers of beds or a ladies only 6 bed dorm. These are the perfect place to stay for backpackers visiting Phnom Penh; Great value for money but still comfortable, clean and safe.

Stay in the dorm and you can socialise with travellers from all over the world, choose between female only dorm, male only and mixed dorm. The smaller dorm rooms have 2 hot water showers and toilets, 2 powerful air conditioners, a security box for your backpack, big comfy bunk beds and a large window with a view of the street. The 16 and 18 bed dorms have 3 shower and toilets, inside the room.

There is a 16 bed and an 18 bed mixed dorm, a 6 bed ladies dorm and a 4 bed mixed dorm, all beds a $7 per night, including daily room cleaning and bedding.



Room Specifications

  • Air Conditioning:2 AC units
  • Television:No
  • Safety Box:Locker under beds
  • Bathroom:3 bathrooms per dorm
  • Beds:Bunk beds