Royal Palace

The Royal Palace

The Palace compound is the residence of King Sihamoni, the current monarch of Cambodia, and also holds the Silver Pagoda and throne room, gardens, and small buddhist temples, all of which are important places in the ceremonies of the county and the royal family.

The Kings and royal family have lived here since it was built in the 1860s, the only time they have been absent is during the periods of war. The palace is fairly new, as is the city itself – before this the capital was at Oudong.

The palace is on the riverfront about a kilometer south of Dolphin House. It is open every day unless there is a ceremony inside, tickets can be bought on the gate for $4 per peson.


Wat Phnom and gardens

Wat Phnom

This is a buddhist temple that is built on top of the only hill in the whole city center, it is a good place to see a nice view of the city. It was built in 1373 and is the highest religious monument in Phnom Penh, the top is 27 meters above the ground. The hill is surrounded by trees and gardens, also there is a musuem at the base of the hill.

Its free to go into the Wat, but you are welcome to leave a donation with the monks and get some good luck for your travels, its open every day and please be respectful by not wearing vests or short skirts etc.

Food stalls area at night market

Night Market

There is a new addition to shopping places in Phnom Penh, last year a new night market started, and it is very close to Dolphin Hostel.

The market is not every night, it is open 4 nights per week. You will find stalls selling clothes mostly, and there is a stage setup at one end where there a singers and dance performances throughout the evening. Most of the people shopping here are Khmer locals. Behind the stage is an area of food and drink stalls, people buy food to eat as a picnic on the ground between friends and family


Treat yourself at The FCC terrace

Riverside bars and restaurants

All along the riverside there are lots of restaurants and bars, every kind of cuisene is represented. You can eat at Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Khmer. Bakery, ice cream, coffee shops and cocktails. Also it is a nice place for a walk as the sun goes down and it gets a little bit cooler, then people do mass exercise sessions to music from a boombox.

Two places that I think you will like to visit are the happy herb pizza shops and the FCC, Foreign Correspondents Club. Go to any one of the happy herb pizza shops, there are a few of them on the same block near the palace, and you will be able to order an interesting herb on the topping – Ganja! Its been used traditionally in food here for a long time.

The FCC is a posh restaurant with lots of journalists memorabilia, and has a great rooftop terrace, its one of the most popular places to eat in the city.


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